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Side Event Konferensi


Side events are a number of forums held outside the official schedule of the Indonesian Women’s Ulama Congress (KUPI) II. Side events can be in the form of seminars, workshops, short training, team building, or self-care and wellness, all of which are directed at efforts to create meeting spaces, so that different perspectives and entities within the KUPI network can exchange experiences and knowledge.

There are three important objectives of holding a side event, namely:

  1. Open a room for discussion of themes that are not discussed in international conference forums and congress events due to limited space and time.
  2. Brainstorming with congressional audiences related to current issues that require the religious views of a number of female clerics, their relation to gender inequality in various spheres of life.
  3. Promote good practice or new program innovations that are related to religious views.


There are no restrictions regarding the issues that will be raised in side events. But as much as possible the organizers can connect the big issues of the congress, namely “Strengthening the Role of Women Ulama in a Just Civilization”.

The KUPI-2 committee can give approval for holding a side event with a different theme, taking into account that the issue has an urgent value to be responded to in the future.

KUPI partners who want to hold a side event can register via the following link. The pre-requisites that must be met by the side event are as follows:

  1. The organizer has at least had contact with KUPI within the last 5 years, preferably those who have sent a letter of willingness to become a member of KUPI.
  2. The organizers have an open way of thinking and agree with the perspective developed by KUPI.
  3. The organizers must register the side event plan through the online channel provided by the KUPI-2 committee.
  4. Organizing side events at international conferences should include everyone, at least using international languages including English and Arabic. The translators and their tools can be provided by the event organizer
  5. Things that side event organizers need to know are as follows:
    1. Organizing side events is carried out independently by KUPI-2 partner organizations
    2. The side event organizing organization must obtain approval from the KUPI-2 committee through online registration only
    3. The organization that organizes the side event is fully responsible for the financing of the side event, namely resource persons, transport of resource persons and participants are expected to attend, contribution of snacks and drinks during the side event.
    4. The organization that organizes the side event will notify the data of the resource persons presented to the committee so that the committee can help issue an invitation letter if the resource person who wants to be presented requires a visa. Submission of a list of foreign resource persons to the committee to ensure security.
    5. Organizations organizing side events are required to send summary reports and recommendations to the KUPI-2 committee to be considered for inclusion in reports and recommendations.
    6. The KUPI committee provides free space facilities according to the expected number of target participants, if side events are held at the congress location, namely UIN Walisongo Semarang for international conferences and Al-Asy’ari Bangsri Islamic Boarding School in Jepara.

Institutions that are interested in making a side event can register via the following link:

  1. Side events at international conferences (clickable)
  2. Side event at the congress event (clickable)

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